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Although El Nido boasts beaches straight out of a Corona commercial, it’s much more than a simple tropical paradise. Located 238 kilometres northwest of Palawan’s capital, El Nido is comprised of a total of 45 islands and islets, each with its own unique beauties.


The town of El Nido is the perfect jump-off point to the entire Bacuit Archipelago, with all its islands of unspoilt beauty. Some of the islands are located fairly close to shore, within the confines of the gorgeous Bacuit Bay, which borders El Nido on one side. The other side of El Nido is composed of striking limestone cliffs. Swiftlets, small birds of the swift family, live in the crevices of these limestone cliffs and it is for their edible nests (“nido” in Spanish) that the town is named.

Despite being a tropical paradise, El Nido still has most of the creature comforts you’ve grown accustomed to back home. There’s cable TV (well, depending on your accommodation), Internet cafes, an array of international cuisine, and mobile phone service.

However, there is only 18 hours of electricity per day, no banks or ATM machines, and only a few places accept credit cards. Read our tips for traveling to El Nido so you’ll come prepared and ready to enjoy your time in paradise.

Because when it comes to natural beauty and range of opportunities to explore, El Nido really is heaven on earth.


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