Top 5 Things to Do in Port Barton

Port Barton is a quaint little beach town that’s somehow managed to retain all its quaintness and rural hospitality.

Off-the-beaten-path travelers come here to laze around its picturesque beaches, shifting slow-moving, satisfied eyes from one gorgeous view to another. But for the actively-inclined, there’s still plenty to do in Port Barton.

Here are the top 5 things to do in Port Barton, in no particular order:

Top Things to Do in Port Barton #1. Island Hop

You really can’t come to Palawan and not island hop. There is a bevy of gorgeous islands, mostly uninhabited, around Port Barton that you should really get to.

island hopping port barton

Before you go, find out the list of best islands in Port Barton!

Top Things to Do in Port Barton #2. Cool Down at a Waterfall

You know the feeling: you hike through lush jungles, whacking branches and spider webs out of your way, sweat dripping down your brow. One laborious step after another and suddenly, you begin to hear the whisper of falling water. You rush eagerly forward.

port barton waterfalls

The whisper turns into a roar and soon, you’re face-to-face with a majestic fall, feeling the refreshing spray against your face. Port Barton has 2 waterfalls nearby that are relatively easy to get to and are definitely worth checking out.

Bigaho Waterfall is a twenty minute boat ride from Port Barton plus a kilometer’s walk from Bigaho village. It’s perfect for an indulgent swim after the short walk and great for families with kids.

Papuwyan Waterfall is an easy hour-and-half walk from the town. The walk is not difficult, but the trail is a little tricky to find so hire a guide to show you the way.

Top Things to Do in Port Barton #3. Mangrove River

There are two rivers, Tugdunan and Darapiton, that combine to form a mangrove area. Hire a boat for the trip, lie back and glide along the mangrove. It’s a serene and silent ride, with nothing to hear but bird sounds and the occasional monkey call.

You can spot monitor lizards, various species of birds, snakes on and off the trees, and other animals. Keep your eyes peeled.

The cost for two people is about 600PHP.

Top Things to Do in Port Barton #4. Snorkel

Since Port Barton is a protected area, the marine life is abundant and the corals are plentiful. Without even donning diving gear, you can spot tortoises, mantas, and several varieties of fish. Snorkel gear should cost between 100 – 150 peso. It’s a good idea to snorkel while island hopping so be sure to pack your mask and fins…

port barton palawan

Read through our Port Barton snorkel tips before you dive in!

Top Things to Do in Port Barton #5. Do…Nothing

If you’re coming to Port Barton, this one is highly recommended: Just lie like a log, basking in the sun.

Note: Don’t be without sunscreen.


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