Best Places to Snorkel in Port Barton

What is a beach vacation without a little (or a lot of ) snorkelling? Port Barton is a protected area and offers great marine diversity for your underwater exploration. Most of the snorkel spots are really close to Port Barton and easy to get to as well.

If you rent a boat for an island hopping and snorkelling expedition, it’ll cost you around 1200PHP, or $30, and the boat can accommodate up to 4 people. There’s a lot of competition amongst the local boatmen for tourism dollars so ask around for someone who comes with good references.

Ready to snap on a snorkel and a pair of fins? Keep in mind the best snorkel spots in Port Barton:

Port Barton Snorkel Spot #1. Aquarium Four

True to its name, Aquarium Four is teeming with marine life. It’s also perfect for families with children since, at its deepest point, it’s only about 2 meters deep.

The aquarium is best visited in the morning when the sea is calmest.

Port Barton Snorkel Spot #2. Exotic Island

There are two islands here and the water between them is shallow and perfect for snorkelling. There’s also a sandbar here that lets you walk out quite far into the water.

exotic island palawan

Swim a little farther, about 50 feet offshore, out to where more coral is in order to see the most abundant marine life.

Port Barton Snorkel Spot #3. Double Island

Double Island has a small resort on its premises and is surrounded by great snorkeling spots. You can reach the Small Lagoon Reef and the Fantastic Reef from here – both have beautiful corals and lots of fish.

Port Barton Snorkel Spot #4. Fantastic Reef

Like it’s name suggests, this is a fantastic reef close located close to Double Island. There are beautiful green corals here that are home to a large variety of fish and other aquatic life.

port barton

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Snorkel Spot #5. Manta Ray Reef

This reef is located about 200 meters from the short of Capsalay Island. This coral reef has an area of 150 hectares and is the largest are of corals in San Vincente. It was unfortunately damaged by high water temperature bleaching in the late 90s, as well as Typhoon Norming, but it is slowly recovering.

Snorkel Spot #6. Twin Rocks

The Twin Rocks is a snorkelling spot worth checking out since it’s really close to the Port Barton beach. Aim to snorkel here early in the day, since the currents get rough around mid-day.

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