5 Must Try Foods of Palawan

Travel is all about…eating.

There’s no doubt about it – one of the best ways to experience a place and culture is to taste it! And Palawan is no exception.

Palaweño cuisine is, like the island itself, a still undiscovered frontier. With the unique mix of cultures and the abundance of fresh marine and land-based ingredients at its disposal, Palawan has some unique culinary delights that are purely its own.

Here are the top must-try foods in Palawan…

1. Tamilok

So…tamilok is…a worm. That alone really turned us off. In fact, it’s a woodworm that lives in the mangroves. Even grosser.

But don’t worry, it gets better. Although tamilok looks like a worm, it’s actually a mollusc that tastes surprisingly a lot like oysters – just longer and slimier.

things to eat in palawan

These long, slimy creatures are cleaned, dipped in vinegar and served raw.

One interesting thing about tamilok is the source of its name. According to legend, two foreigners were with tribesmen who were about to feast on the “u-od,” which means worms in Tagalog. One of the westerners watched and in utter astonishment shouted toward his companion, “Look! Tommy! Look!”

The tribesmen believed the white men were experts who knew the actual name of the dish…Thus “tamilok”…or “tommy, look!”

2. Lechón

Lechón is a favourite in nearly all parts of the Philippines – and it’s no surprise since anyone with taste buds can tell that this is just damn good food!

palawans foods

This delicacy comes from the Spanish influence in the Philippines and is now held in the place of highest honour in the Philippines – it’s a national dish! It’s a simple dish – a suckling pig roasted over charcoal to a juicy, succulent finish!
3. Crispy PataCrispy pata is simply delicious. Just don’t ask what it is…palawan foodsOkay, we’ll tell you. They’re pig trotters. Yes, feet. Deep-fried. And with a soy-vinegar drip. Absolutely delicious.

4. Kaldereta

You must try this dish – it’s a sin if you don’t. Kaldereta is one of the most popular Filipino dishes – it’s made of mutton, liver spread, cheese, capsicum, and chillies all placed in a tomato-based sauce.
what to eat in palawanYum!

5. Chao Long noodles

Palawan’s dishes are varied, thanks to their rich cultural and ethnic diversity. Chao Long noodles are a Vietnamese cuisine and brought to the Philippines by the Vietnamese refugees who migrated over during the Communist occupation of South Vietnam. must try foods palawanThanks to the Vietnamese settlers, Palawan is home to several delicious Chao Long noodle houses.

There is also plentiful seafood to be had in Palawan. Get some!


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