The Best Islands Around Port Barton

The beach at Port Barton is laid-back and relaxing, although it’s admittedly not the most gorgeous beach in Palawan. It’s still plenty close to a bevy of islands with stunning beaches, though, and they’re not difficult to get to.

Port Barton’s islands are beautiful on land and in water, so be sure to snorkel while island hopping.

Here are the best islands to sneak away to while visiting Port Barton, Palawan:

Best Island Around Port Barton #1. Exotic Island

Exotic Island has a breathtaking white sand beach. This island is actually made up of two islands, but it doesn’t exactly appear this way because the water separating them is really shallow.

port barton palawan

If you want to snorkel here, you’ll have to swim out a little but there is plenty to see once you do: lots of fish and corals.

Best Island Around Port Barton #2. Capsalay Island

This island has a reef named Manta Ray Reef about 200 meters from its shore.

This coral reef has an area of 150 hectares and is the largest are of corals in San Vincente. It was unfortunately damaged by high water temperature bleaching in the late 90s, as well as Typhoon Norming, but it is slowly recovering.

Best Island Around Port Barton #3. Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a privately-owned island and a small fee per person is required for docking here, around 50 PHP. This fee goes to the caretaker and his wife, who go far and above in taking care of the island, such as keeping poachers away from the reef and raking the beach to rid it of sandflies.

As a result, the beach here is pristine and has one of the best seascapes of the islands in Port Barton. It’s also a great lunching spot. You can bring your own or enjoy fresh-caught fish from the sea.

Best Island Around Port Barton #4. German Island

German Island is also a private island but doesn’t require any fee for docking. The island is full of underwater life, but you need to swim out a bit further to see kaleidoscopic fish, beautiful corals, and the occasional sea turtle.

To get to these islands, you can rent a boat which will cost you around 1,200PHP, or $30, and accommodates 4 people. Ask around for boatmen – there are plenty – and go with the one who has good recommendations.

You can visit these islands separately by hiring a boat to drop you off then pick you up at a certain time or you can purchase a package deal that groups the islands together for a set price.


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