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How to Get to Palawan

Palawan is often called the last frontier, but this reputation is more a reflection of the fact that much of Palawan is still unexplored than of the island’s accessibility. It’s actually really easy to get to here and flights to

Places to go in palawan

Places to Go in Palawan

Often referred to as the “Last Frontier,” Palawan is the Philippines’ most exotic, off the beaten path travel destination. It offers everything you could wish for in a tropical island adventure – deserted islands, stunning limestone cliffs, colorful coral reefs,

things to do in palawan

Things to Do in Palawan

So, what should you do when you get here? No trip to Palawan is complete without visiting El Nido and Coron. There are so many activities and so much natural beauty at these 2 northern areas that you would have

Palawan Philippines

Getting here from Overseas

You cannot fly directly to Palawan from overseas.

If you are flying to the Philippines internationally you will most likely land in the capital city, Manila. From Manila international airport the cheapest way to Palawan is to take a flight to Puerto Princesa (PPS) see How to get to Palawan from Manila. Once in Puerto Princesa, you can then travel to other locations around the island.

There are many tour companies in the city that can help you get to other locations like El Nido or Sabang. I recommend a private van and air conditioning is a must.


Best time to visit

Palawan weather, like most tropical island’s, only have a wet and dry season. The wet season will come with monsoonal rain and tropical storms.

Wet season: June – September

Dry season: October – May


Although the dry season starts in October the rains really ease off around March.

Ideal time: March-May


If you don’t like the crowds then try to avoid the popular holiday periods in the Philippines during

  • Holy week (start on the Sunday before Maundy Thursday)
  • Chinese New Year
  • And Christmas


General Information

Puerto Princesa is the Island’s capital. The main tourist sites around the island are:

  • Coron
  • El Nido
  • Port Barton
  • Sabang (Underground River)

No one knows how Palawan got its name. It’s speculated that it may have come from the Chinese word “Pa Lao Yu” meaning Land of Beautiful Harbors. That would certainly be accurate. There’s also speculation that it comes from the Spanish word “Paragua” since Palawan looks like a closed umbrella.

Despite getting more attention in recent time the island has still managed to keep the hordes of Thailand style tourists away. What sets Palawan apart from most of south-east Asia then is it’s still untouched and pristine coastline and reefs.

The northern towns of El Nido and Coron are regarded as the adventure hubs of Palawan and can become busy during peak seasons. However, most of the island still has the feel of a land that time forgot. See our Palawan fast facts for additional information about the Island.


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